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History of Coffee According to KUSH [beans] Around 600 AD there was this bloke called Kaldi from the Kingdom of Kush in what is now Ethiopia. Kaldi was a goat herd and one day he noticed that his goats were real frisky an happy after eating some red berries. So good ol’ Kaldi, not to let a good thing go, tried them himself. He noticed that he did not feel tired, had lots more energy and felt great. So he took some berries home and gave them to his friends and family.

They got real popular and everyone was talking about the magic berries. So the local Imam (high up religious honcho) decided that he better check this new stuff out. He was not impressed. He grabbed the beans and threw them in the fire and marched off. Kaldi and his mates noticed that the now roasted beans were brown and beautiful and smelt great so they ground them up an made the first cup of Joe. Now this idea spread like wildfire and before ya know it everyone was starting the day with coffee or kaffe as it was called then.

At this time the Turks were particularly fond of Nubian Slaves from Kush. The Sultan really liked them as Eunuchs to guard his harem. Well these slaves took the coffee bean to Yemen with them, which was on the route to Istanbul. The Yemeni’s cottoned on pretty quick and they started to grow commercial crops.

History of Coffee According to KUSH - Turkey The coffee craze of course spread to Istanbul where the world’s first cafes were set up. The Turks had a monopoly on coffee at this time and guarded their new money making enterprise really jealously, they even had a Government Minister of coffee.

The Turkish Empire was expanding quickly, as they bashed up their neighbours one by one. Until that is they attacked Vienna in 1683. So the Turks surrounded Vienna and set siege for a couple of months. The ol Viennese are getting pretty desperate until this joker called Franz Kolschitzky volunteers to sneak thru the Turkish lines and give the Polish Army a yell to come help them out. Now Franz had been for a trip to Istanbul and had brought back a Turkish turban and a pair of pantaloons. So he dresses up strolls through the lines and gives the Poles the heads up and they come and drive off the Turks. Its a complete rout and the Turks leave everything behind including 60 sacks of coffee beans.