Of course Franz is the hero of the hour and they say “what do you want as a reward” and he plumps for the coffee beans as he has had coffee in Istanbul. So he opens the first café in Europe and because his customers are not keen on the Turkish way of drinking coffee he filtered out the grounds and added milk and cream.

So after all this hoo ha coffee drinking becomes the thing to do and coffee houses spring up all over Europe. In fact if it was not for coffee Europe would not have developed at all. Before coffee, beer was the main drink and they started at breakfast and got more and more pissed as the day went on. So that would not have worked with the start of the industrial revolution. In fact it was because of the introduction of coffee that people could get up in the morning and function and work for 12 hours in a factory. Also one of the benefits was also that the water was boiled which meant it was safer than most alternatives.

History of Coffee According to KUSH - BeansThe Dutch were the big power in Europe and they decided that their new colonies would be great places to grow coffee so they stole some beans from the Yemen and propagated them in the Royal Glass- houses and took them to Ceylon and the Dutch East Indies or Indonesia as it is now known. (Our Sumatran beans we use today come from the original Dutch plantings).

The French at this time were having a shindig when some Louis or another was being crowned so the Dutch gave the French 2 coffee plants. The French decided that their colonies in the Caribbean would be just the ticket for growing coffee so they entrusted the two plants to this bloke Lieutenant de Clieu. On the way, the Lieutenant and crew had to fight off pirates, endure savage storms and the ship got stuck in the doldrums. So they had to ration the water down to 1 cup a day per man. The good ol Lieutenant shared his ration with the one surviving coffee plant and so that is how coffee got to the Caribbean.

After this the wily old Germans, decided that they would like to get into this coffee business too, so a couple of German Jesuit Priests stole some plants off the French and whipped them off to Guatemala and Nicaragua.

The Portuguese in Brazil also decided that they wanted a piece of the action and sent a chap called Don Fransisco to “obtain” some plants from the French in French Guiana. He decided the easiest way was to have an affair with the Governor’s beautiful wife, which he duly did. What some people will do for their countries eh. When he left at the official ceremony she presented him with a huge bouquet of flowers with a coffee plant hidden inside. So now coffee cultivation was spread throughout the tropical world and coffee was now very big business.