After the Boston Tea party coffee became the drink of preference in the United States and has never lost it’s popularity. During the Civil war in America the Union troops were supplied with coffee but the Confederates were not. No wonder the Union won. In fact the first attempt at instant coffee was made for the US army at this time but it was a failure as it just did not taste the same. So what has changed you may say.

History of Coffee According to KUSH - RoastingIn 1885 gas roasting was perfected and that is the way most coffee is still roasted. The first espresso machine was invented in France in 1905 then Earnest Illy made the first automatic espresso machine in 1933. This was followed by the proper espresso as we know it today with a pump so the water does not have to be boiling, this was in- vented by Achillies Gagia in 1945.

Instant coffee was relaunched in the late fifties and was a slow seller until they stopped advertising how convenient it was and told lies about what wonderful aroma and taste it had. Some companies even sealed the tops of their jars with a special glue that smelt like coffee when the jar was opened.

Even real coffee became rather insipid and flavourless because the big players were after profit rather than quality except in Italy and southern Europe where they really took to coffee culture and would not compromise.

Then in the eighties the speciality coffee revolution occurred. Funnily this started in the US where they had the worst coffee of all. This movement sourced beans for flavour and roasted them in small quantities from small speciality shops. Australia and in particular New Zealand took to the new coffee revolution like rats up a drainpipe and really upped the ante, inventing things like the “Flat White” along the way.

History of Coffee According to KUSH - Espresso MachineSuddenly nearly every café had an espresso machine and lots of people started to roast coffee. (There are now more coffee roasters per head of population in New Zealand than anywhere except Northern Italy).

Many kiwis started really appreciating this and a number even took trips to Italy and Europe to check out how it was done by the masters of espresso. One of these was Andy Budd who came back determined to show Kiwis that their coffee could still be improved and that the quest for top quality coffee is attainable.

After much research and experimentation KUSH Coffee was opened in 2004 and we have been supplying character coffees that are 100% Organic, Shade-grown, Arabica, that is all Fairtrade, ever since.

So ya see: Coffee begins and ends with KUSH.


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