• A customer came in one day hanging for a coffee. He explained that his car had broken down and he had not been able to get in for a few days. So desperate was he to get to KUSH, he had gone to a car sales yard and pretended to be interested in buying a car so he could take it for a test drive and come and get his cup of KUSH.
  • While tramping with his very new girlfriend a customer found a hut in the middle of the afternoon. After putting on the coffee one thing led to another and they ended up having afternoon nookie in the empty hut. However to his partner’s dismay he called a halt in the middle of the proceedings because the coffee might boil and spoil and it was the last of his ration of KUSH.
    See… KUSH coffee is better than sex!
  • Another tramper was up in the hills and had forgotten to take his plunger. What to do as he was averse to straining the grounds through his teeth? Necessity being the mother of invention however, he managed to strain his beautiful KUSH coffee through his dirty sock and still reckoned that it tasted good.
  • A customer who owns a local building company came in to get a bag of coffee and explained that he was about to sign up a client for a new house but the client had insisted that he would only sign if he was given a packet of KUSH coffee to sweeten the deal.
  • One customer was holidaying in Perth and try as she might she couldn’t get a decent cup of Joe. So after landing back in Nelson the very first thing she did was drive to KUSH to get her fix.
  • A Canadian Tourist, travelling around NZ in a campervan, changed his whole South Island itinerary, even forgoing whale watching in Kaikoura, so that he could come back to Nelson and get more KUSH coffee to take home.
  • An American coffee roaster and tutor from Pacific Bay Roastery and Training Centre was on vacation in Nelson and tried KUSH Coffee. He reckoned it was the best coffee he had ever had.