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About Our Coffee

Q. How come your coffee tastes more than other coffee?
A. Partly because it is so fresh and partly because of the quality and choice of beans. Many roasters when blending start with what they call a base bean. This is a cheap bean with little flavour that they then add some better quality beans to to get the flavour profile they want. We never do this. If the taste really is too strong for you try using a little less.

Q. What is shadegrown?
A. Shadegrown coffees are grown under the canopy of other trees as they do naturally. The majority of coffee growers grow their coffee in the open. To do this they have to use a great deal of chemicals (coffee is the most sprayed food crop in the world), and the quality of non shadegrown coffee is lower. There are other environmental reasons why shade grown is superior too, so we always insist on shadegrown coffee.

Q. How come you don’t have Brazilian or Colombian beans?
A. There are a few Brazilian and Colombian producers that have wonderful beans however most are rather bland. Ever been to the States and had coffee (probably Colombian) rather woossey. I am rather biased about this and may get over it one day but for now I can do without them.

Q. You normally have Ethiopian Yergacheffe. How come you are out of stock?
A. Arabica Coffee is in many ways is a crop similar to grapes used in making wine. Every season a combination of factors can markedly change the character of the green bean which in turn can change the characteristics of the roasted bean in the cup. We love coffee and therefore we have strict standards about what beans we do or do not sell. If it is a bad season and the bean does not meet our standards in the cup we simply will not stock that coffee for the sake of having it on our product list.

About buying coffee and delivery

Q. How soon can I expect delivery?
A. If ordered by 9 am delivery will be the next day (South Island). North Island takes 2 days. Add an extra day for Rural Delivery and remember that courier is unable to deliver to PO Boxes.

Q. What if for some reason I’m not satisfied?
A. Just return it and we will refund your money.

About Guarantee

Q. What if I don’t like your coffee?
A. You can expect the best quality coffee available and it is all

  • 100% Certified Organic
  • 100% certified Fairtrade
  • Shadegrown
  • Roast and post on receipt of your order to ensure absolute freshness

About Packaging

At KUSH Coffee we are aware of the environmental impact that a product such as coffee has.
We therefore try hard to keep this to a minimum by:

  • Using compostable take-away cups and lids
  • Using recyclable bags for our coffee beans. We use all PET bags as these are more environmentally friendly than the brown paper bags with a plastic lining which are non recyclable.
  • We use PET bags for our bulk coffee too and encourage our customers to return them for reuse.

About Fairtrade

Q. Sometimes I see Fairtrade spelt as one word and sometimes as two. Is there any difference?
A. Yes there is, Fairtrade spelt one word is genuine certified Fairtrade. The word has been trademarked and can only be used by certified users. Fair-trade spelt two words can be anything at all.

Q. What good does Fairtrade really do?
A. I have seen the testimonies of many farmers who have been greatly helped by the Fairtrade movement. Many instances of children being educated, new schools new housing, new labour saving equipment, etc, etc. Also because they insist on organic conversion the workers no longer are being poisoned by chemicals.
One of the big advantages that was a surprise to me was that the quality of the crop also has improved immeasurably as the farmers are educated about farming methods and what the market needs.

Q. What about Rainforest Alliance?
A. Rainforest Alliance is a good start but it is not as comprehensive as Fairtrade. At best it is a partial Fairtrade like organisation. This helps the users of these beans because it is cheaper however if I was a coffee grower I would be much better looked after under Fairtrade.