KUSH Coffee: We Only Use Clean Organic Fairtrade Shade Grown Beans

KUSH came from a trip to Europe that our founder and wise, beautiful teacher undertook in 2003. This journey, as well as being a small step in his spiritual voyage and a hell of a lot of fun, meant drinking coffee all over southern Europe.
The feeling amongst the “coffeeerati” in New Zealand at this time was that we were amongst the best in the world, which indeed we were.

However, it soon became obvious to our weary traveller that there was still a great deal of room for improvement. Italy and Portugal had these small roasters that were producing wonderful character coffees that he thought would really go off in NZ.

And so he set to and did much research and learning and a great deal of experimentation to boot. This resulted in some fine blends and intriguing single origins. These were then tested on the unsuspecting public, who came back with many accolades and positive comments which cheered our mighty founder’s heart and, thus, KUSH Coffee was born.