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What's the secret to world-class coffee?

The secret to world-class flavour isn’t actually a secret. The best coffee beans in the world are 80+ specialty Arabica beans. They’re grown by small producers focused on quality. They’re shade-grown and ripen naturally rather than sun-forced to ripen quickly. They’re handpicked when ripe rather than machine harvested. Then they’re pre-blended and roasted in small batches. And they’re fresh.

Well done – you’ve found exceptional ethical coffee.
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“My lifelong love of coffee was kickstarted at the age of seven, when I mastered the Italian stove-top coffee maker my mother had brought home. She’d said I was only allowed to drink coffee when I could make it myself.”
Andy Budd
Owner, Kush Coffee
Andy by the coffee roaster

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Phone: 03 539 4793

5 Church St, Nelson
8 Vickerman St, Port Nelson

If you want to talk coffee or have any problems call Andy on: 021 452 972


Open Mon-Fri 7:30-2pm
Sat 8am-2pm

Sundays will be back soon. 

Kush (8 Vickerman St, Port Nelson Carpark) open for takeaways 7:30am - 12pm

Local pickup for coffee roast orders is available from the Vickerman St location