We create fantastic coffee by:KUSH: Our Lounge and Roaster in Nelson, 5 Church St.

  • Sourcing our beans from organic fairtrade small producers that grow for quality rather than quantity
  • Insisting all our coffee where ever possible is fairtrade organic, shade-grown, Arabica
  • Roasting pre-blended organic fairtrade shade-grown beans in small batches
  • Sourcing unusual varieties of beans chosen for flavour not price
  • Ensuring all our gourmet organic fairtrade coffee is very fresh

Our passion for coffee, the quality of the beans and our roasting method all ensure each batch is elegantly structured, beautifully balanced and the best coffee you could hope to find.

We roast most days to ensure absolute freshness. You are most welcome to watch – just drop by and check when we will be roasting next of gourmet speciality organic fairtrade coffee.

Why Kush Coffee?

Coffee trees naturally grow under the forest canopy. The trees are small (about 3-4 metres high) with bright red fruit that ripen throughout the year. Each of these “cherries” has 2 coffee beans inside. Unfortunately, many growers have opted to grow in full sun to increase production. This is invariably a monoculture that also involves a large amount of artificial fertiliser and pesticides (Coffee is the most sprayed food crop in the world). This, along with the fact that a lot of this coffee is picked unripe, results in much lower quality.

There are however some small producers that grow organically belong to fairtrade co-operatives and produce high quality shade-grown beans. These are the growers that we get our beans from. Just about all Kush coffee is not only fair-trade but also organic and shade-grown.

Try some soon, you will notice the difference!