KUSH Coffee: Our Award Winning Has Garanti Roaster

We searched the world for a drum roaster that would allow us to control every stage of the process. Many modern machines are controlled by computer processors, but like fine wine-making, roasting requires the roast master to be able to add his own personal touch to the process.
Our machine is a classic drum roaster from Turkey.

Has Garanti has been making wonderful roasters since the 50’s and they have the control that we need.

The “Has Garanti Roaster” won four of the five top awards in Australia in 2006. We like the controllability and ease of use and we like the fact it is a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing – most people think it is really old – but most of all we like it because of the tastes we get from it.

KUSH Coffee: Our Has Garanti Roaster